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"I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible."

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  1. Dragging Sparks [x]
  2. Fire, Oh Fire [x]
  3. Ashes Fell Like Rain [x]
  • Artists: Alela Diane, Blind Pilot, Chris Bathgate, Christie DuPree, City and Colour, Dan Mangan, The Decemberists, Gold Leaves, The Head and the Heart, Horse Feathers, I Am Oak, James Vincent McMorrow, Johnny Flynn, Kindlewood, The Low Anthem, The Mynabirds, Of Monsters And Men, Other Lives, S. Carey, Sarah Jarosz, Star Anna, The Tallest Man On Earth, The Wealthy West
  • Genre: Folk/Indie

Music for The Hunger Games Trilogy: Part III

The ashes fell like rain, and when the fire was over, everything had changed.

  • Ashes Fell Like Rain: Music for Mockingjay
  • Genre: Folk/Indie
  • Artists: The Head and the Heart, James Vincent McMorrow, Gold Leaves, Of Monsters and Men, Blind Pilot, Other Lives, Christie DuPree, Kindlewood, City and Colour, The Wealthy West
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Music for The Hunger Games Trilogy: Part II

Fire, oh fire, I can still feel your warmth like before.

  • Fire, Oh Fire: Music for Catching Fire
  • Genre: Folk/Indie
  • Artists: I Am Oak, Johnny Flynn, Alela Diane, Sarah Jarosz, The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Star Anna, The Mynabirds, Dan Mangan, Other Lives
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Music for The Hunger Games Trilogy: Part I

Dragging sparks as we’re leaving off.

  • Dragging Sparks: Music for The Hunger Games
  • Genre: Folk/Indie
  • Artists: Chris Bathgate, Dan Mangan, Gold Leaves, James Vincent McMorrow, Other Lives, S. Carey, The Low Anthem, Horse Feathers, The Tallest Man On Earth
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"And the shape of home baked bread, and the girl in a turned down bed, and a wick of twisted thread, from the loving words you said."

A mix about how Katniss and Peeta grow back together.


The Violet Hour, The Civil Wars
Untitled, Christie DuPree
In My Veins, Andrew Belle
Birds Of A Feather, The Civil Wars
That’ll Be The Plan, Daniel Martin Moore
C’est la Mort, The Civil Wars
I Will Not Take My Love Away, Matt Wertz
Coming Up Roses, Eliza Rickman 
Calgary, Bon Iver 
Murder Of Birds, Jesca Hoop
For The Summer, Ray LaMontagne 
Fire, Jesse Thomas 
I Feel That Too, Jessie Baylin 
Holding You, Katie Herzig 
As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating, Jenny & Tyler
You’re My Lover Now, Pieta Brown 
Yellow, Coldplay
Porcelain, Lucy Schwartz 
Grown Ocean, Fleet Foxes 
Death And All His Friends, Coldplay

Odd Thomas

Where you gonna go
Now they’ve closed the old home down
And everybody’s let you down?
But you’re the beauty of the town
Baby, don’t get hung up in your soul
Don’t let ‘em make your heart grow old
Don’t get hung up in your soul
Baby, don’t get hung up in your soul

You’re the one who’s seen

The darkness on the edge of town
You’re the one my arm’s around
You’re the thorn and you’re the crown
Baby, don’t get hung up in your soul
Don’t let ‘em make your heart grow old
Don’t get hung up in your soul
Baby, don’t get hung up in your soul

Sometimes I’ll hear a song and immediately realize I’ve just discovered the soul of a novel. I feel like a matchmaker. They are two unrelated entities, but I will never be able to separate them from each other. I get so profoundly and absurdly wrapped up in connections like this one (“Don’t Get Hung Up In Your Soul” by Richard Hawley and Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz), that I have to stop everything I’m doing as the entire emotional impact of the book rushes at me in a space of under five minutes. This happens every single time I hear it, and it just makes me want to read the book again. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting. Shuffle, therefore, is rather a lot like literary Russian Roulette.